Monday, September 15, 2014

Henry County Contest

Itinerary for Henry County Contest

Saturday, September 20th, 2014


12:15 pm              Report to school to prepare for a short rehearsal.

12:30 pm              Be on practice field with instruments for a short rehearsal.  Beginning of the show.

1:30 pm                Load instruments on buses, use restroom, get on bus.

2:10 pm                Depart SGCHS. 

3:30 pm                Arrive at Henry County High School.   Watch bands, relax.  Guard will get make-up and hair ready at this time.  Props and pit trailers will need to be put together during this time. Supper will start at 5:30 at the buses. 

6:20 pm                Get Uniforms on and get instruments out.

6:50 pm                Line-up and travel to warm-up.   

7:00 pm                Warm- up. 

7:30 pm                Travel to Stadium.  Keep your chin up and shoulders back the entire time.  Look proud!

7:45 pm                Perform.  Don’t try to do anything special, simply perform what you know.

8:00 pm                Take off uniforms, load buses.  Go back to watch rest of the bands.  Leaders stay in Uniforms.

10:00 pm              Awards Ceremony.  We will clap and support everyone as the awards are handed out.  There will be absolutely no booing or loud negative responses.  After awards, get on buses and prepare to leave after roll is called.

11:00 pm              Depart Henry County High School.

12:15 pm              Arrive at SGCHS.  After all instruments are unloaded and put in their proper place, you will be dismissed.

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