Sunday, September 25, 2016

Announcements 9/25/16

1)  I want to thank everyone for a great first weekend of competition.  Throughout a hot day I heard zero complaints, everyone was prepared for the heat, and everyone responded to the adversity with great results!  Our students represented SGC with great behavior and excellent performances.  Keep it up this weekend as we go to GC!

2)  Report time for Friday's home game is 6 pm.  Be ready to play for the Homecoming pregame festivities.

3)  Report time for Saturday will be 9:30 am at the practice field.  A full itinerary will be posted on Monday.

4) No Design team meeting this Tuesday.  The uniforms and props looked awesome this weekend!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Announcements 9/18/16

1)  Our first contest day is this Saturday.  A full itinerary will be posted Monday.  Report time will be 8 am at the practice field ready to do a run-through.  You will be changing in and out of your uniform during the day, so bring clothes to wear when you are not in uniform.  Also bring money for two meals (with concession prices, that is usually around $10 per meal.)  We will be staying at Liberty all day Saturday performing, resting, and watching other bands - a great day to immerse yourself in the Marching Band world!

2)  Design team will meet Tuesday night at 6:30.  We need to finish up some small projects with the props to make sure it is ready for Saturday.  The props and uniforms looked and operated great Friday night!

3)  Parents who are working with the pit crew this Saturday, plan to bring all black clothes to wear during the performances.  Also bring clothes to change into after the performances.  A reminder that if you are not working as a chaperone or as a pit crew member, you will have to pay to get into these competitions.  I will let you know the prices later this week.

4)  We are in need of water again this week.  If you can bring some water to help keep the students hydrated during the week and at the competition, please bring them into the band room at any time.

Monday, September 12, 2016

McNairy Game Itinerary

I just learned today that the start time for the game has been moved to 7 pm.  We will leave as close to 5:15 as we can, but I know some parents who help carry equipment and trailers may not be able to get there at that exact time.  We will do our best and I will work with those who might need a few more minutes to get here from work.

Away Football Game vs. McNairy
Friday, September 16, 2016
4:30 pm – Report to Band Room, put on uniforms.   Use the restroom before we leave.
5:00 pm – Load up on to your assigned bus.  Chaperones will call roll.
5:15 pm – Depart SGCHS.
6:45 pm – Arrive at McNairy’s Stadium.  Chaperones, leaders and Percussion will get off the bus first to unload the trailer and box truck.  Get your instrument case, and line up.  We will march in with cases and unpack when we get to the stands. 
7:00 pm - Game Begins.  Pay attention to the game, cheer for the team, act in a professional manner.  Be ready to play pep songs at any time.  NO CELL PHONES!  During the 3rd quarter, you will be able to get concessions.  Only water, hamburgers or hot dogs with no condiments, and nachos with no cheese.
9:45 pm - Approximate end of game.  Line up and march back to buses.  Take your instruments to the truck to be loaded and then load the buses.
10:30 pm - After all equipment is loaded and students are on their assigned bus, we will depart.
12 midnight – Arrive at SGCHS.  After instruments and uniforms are put up properly, you will be dismissed as a group.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Announcements 9/11/16

1)  This Tuesday's rehearsal will be from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Football stadium.  We will not have the 3:30 to 5:30 rehearsal on Tuesday.  Parents, if you want to help out with props or in the pit crew at any point this season, this is a great time to learn all the different jobs associated with the pit crew.  This band has had great parent work and support in the past, and we look forward to continuing having a sideline full of parents cheering on our kids!  

2) We will have the normal 3:30 to 5:30 rehearsal on Thursday.  

3)  Away game this Friday.  We will be wearing uniforms.  Make sure you have long black socks. Remember that you cannot wear makeup or jewelry when wearing the band uniforms.  Full itinerary will be posted Monday.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Announcements 9/4/16

1) Parents of Seniors: If you would like to purchase a Banner with your child's picture on it, here are the details:  You will need to purchase them for between $40-$50.  The final price will be given once the banners are done and a total cost is given to us.  Payment will be due by September 16.  The Banners will be place along the fence of the football field for the rest of the season.  It will include the School and Band name, their name, and 2016-2017.  You will be able to keep the banner after the football season is over.  The student will have their picture taken on Tuesday immediately after school wearing their uniform (but no hat, so make sure the hair looks good) and holding their instrument.  This is not mandatory.  If your child gets their picture taken on Tuesday, I assume they will be purchasing a banner.

2)  I am going to be changing the rehearsal on Tuesday, September 13 to a night rehearsal.  Instead of rehearsing from 3:30 to 5:30, we will be rehearsing from 6:30 to 8:30 on the football field.  This will help parents get ready to move props and help set up our show as we move toward competitions.  Parents:  if you plan on helping out this year in the pit crew, this is the time to learn how you can help.    This rehearsal is for you!

3)  Design team meeting at 6:30 on Tuesday night at the Band Room.

4)  Home game this Friday against Trinity.  Game will start at 7 pm.  We will not be wearing uniforms.  My plan is to wear them at the McNairy game the following week.  Report time this Friday will be 6:15 pm.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Annoucements 8/28/16

1)  Design Team meeting this Tuesday at 6:30 pm in the Band Room.

2)  Band Booster meeting this Thursday, September 1 at 6:30 pm in the Band Room.  We will be talking about job assignments at the Hornet Invitational among other things.

3)  We will not be attending the football game this Friday in Nolensville.  If you want to go to the game and cheer on our football team, you are encouraged to do that.

4)  There will be a marching shoe order put together this week. Freshmen if you still have your shoes from Medina Middle School and they still fit, it is okay to wear those.  Shoes will be $35.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Announcements 8/21/16

1)  I got a message last night from Mr. Dunn.  His original email that included when each group's assigned concessions share night was did not get sent somehow.  Apparently we are working tomorrow (Monday) night's JV Football game concessions.  I do not like asking for last minute volunteers, because I know your time is valuable and I do not like springing surprises on you.  But if you can make it to the football field around 4:45 or after to help with concessions tomorrow night, let me know.  I only need 2 or 3 parents and a handful of students.  It's really simple.  All we have to do is show up, cook the burgers, and sell the food.  The game will start at 6 and I think it will be done by 8 or a little after.  This will count as one of our concession shares, which actually ends up being a pretty good money-maker for us every year. 

2)  Design team will meet Tuesday at 6:30.  I have the yard sticks, fabric, and vests.  I am still working on the trim and thread.  I should at least have the thread by Tuesday.  If anyone knows how to get hold of some moving racks like what they use at airports or behind the local Dollar General store, let me know.  We are trying to get some for the new trailer.

3)  Home Game this Friday at 7:30 vs. Obion County.  Report time will be 6:45.  Wearing the same outfit as last week.  The band did a great job Friday night in every facet - before, during, and after halftime!  Let's continue to improve every single week.