Sunday, June 18, 2017

Announcements 6/18/17

1)  Our 3rd June rehearsal is this Wednesday.  Woodwinds and brass from 8-11 am, and percussion and guard from 1-4 pm.  Thank you to everyone who have been communicating with me on when you are gone.  It really does help when we are taking attendance!

2)  Band Camp Tip of the week:  Start eating healthier to prepare for the heat and energy needed for band camp.  Limit your sugar intake, eat more fruit and less chips, drink a glass of orange juice a day, and get into a good habit of drinking water when you are thirsty.  All these things will help you breeze through band camp this year!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Announcements 6/11/17

1)  Our second June rehearsal is this Wednesday.  Brass and woodwinds from 8-11 am, and percussion and guard from 1-4 pm.  Come dressed ready to go outside for a few minutes to start some fundamentals.  

2) Leadership team will meet at 9 am on Tuesday in the Band Room to prepare for the upcoming marching season.

3)  It's never too early to look for deals on bottled water.  Any chance you get a good deal, pick up a pack or two and bring to the band room so that we have them ready to hydrate the students during band camp and the first half of the marching season.

4)  Students: start spending time outside getting acclimated to the heat.  The more time you spend outside, the less of a shock the heat of band camp will be. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Announcements 6/4/17

1)  I hope everyone is enjoying your summer!  Our first rehearsal is this Wednesday, June 7.   Winds will rehearse from 8-11 am, Percussion and Guard will rehearse from 1-4 pm.  If you are on vacation or for other reasons cannot make these rehearsals, please email so that I have a record of your communication.  Thanks in advance for communicating any conflicts with us!

2)  We will have a Band Booster meeting this Thursday, June 8 at 6:30 pm.  We will be putting together a design team to help build and sew a few things for the field show.  If you cannot be at the meeting but are interested in learning more about the design team, please email  We will also have sign-ups to feed lunch to the Band Camp staff during the second week of band camp.  Finally, we will be starting discussions about what needs to be done for the Hornet Invitation in October

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Announcements 5/21/17

1)  As we close out the year, I want to take the chance to tell everyone one more time how proud I am and how great you are!  The Band students, parents, and boosters of South Gibson County are the best around in my humble opinion.  And the scary thing is I know that we just keep getting better every year as we continue to create a tradition of excellence!

2)  Students will need to turn in their warm-up books this week and clean out their cubbies.  We will be reorganizing the instrument storage room during the summer so make sure everything is out of there.

3)  Continue to look out for announcements throughout the summer to help keep you updated on what is coming up next during your well-deserved summer break.

Friday, May 19, 2017

NHC Parade

I encourage all band students to try to make it to the optional parade at the NHC Center in Milan tomorrow (Saturday).  This is a small parade put on for the patients there at NHC who can't get out and attend the local parades in the spring. Some floats and other groups that were at the other parades will be there.  

We will meet at the Ceco Door Products parking lot at 9 am.  You will have to find your own way there.  The parade will start at 9:30.  Wear your black band t-shirts and khaki bottoms. 

Parents are invited to walk along with us and watch as we parade around the NHC Center for a good cause!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Announcements 5/14/17

1)  For the students who signed up for the Baccalaureate service, we will meet at Chapel Hill Baptist Church at 6:30 on Tuesday.  The service will begin at 7.

2)  Graduation is this Thursday at 7 pm.  We will meet on the football field at 6:30 pm.  If it is raining, it will be in the Gym.  This is a mandatory performance for all 9-11 grade Band students.

3)  Remember to bring back your uniforms this week after they have been washed.

4)  Thank you to everyone for a great day at the Strawberry Festival on Friday.  Thank you to the seniors for being there even though you had already finished your High School career!  Thank you to everyone for showing up and representing SGC even with all of the uncertainty of the weather!  Thank you to the parents for cheering us on as you were stretched from one end to the other on the parade route!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Strawberry Festival Itinerary


Strawberry Festival Parade

Friday, May 12, 2017

 8:15 am               Report to SGCHS Band Room.  Load equipment.  Put on uniform pants, long black socks, and shoes (make sure your shoes have your name on them).  Wear shorts and T-shirt underneath.  Put uniform jacket and gauntlets on a hanger to put on bus with your hatbox.

8:30 am                Depart South Gibson County High School.

9:00 am                Arrive at Bailey Park.  Get everything you need off the bus and equipment trailer!  They will be driving the end of the parade route as soon as we unload.  We will set up at our assigned warm up area.

9:30 am                Warm-up.

10:00 am             Parade begins.  Be sure to represent the band and SGCHS with professionalism.

                                After we are done with the parade, I will need to go to the director’s meeting.  After you change out of your uniform, you may go back to the parade route to visit vendors and see the end of the parade.  If you are riding home please take your uniform with you and wash it.  Bring it back on Monday. 

Approx 1:30 pm                Report back to bus and depart Humboldt.

2:00 pm               Arrive back at SGCHS, unload instruments and uniforms.