Sunday, September 21, 2014

Announcements 9/21/14

1)  Everyone did such a great job Saturday at Henry County's contest that the football team decided to give the whole band (including parents) the night off this Friday night.  Okay, you got me - it's a bye week.  Take Friday night to rest and relax for Saturday.

2)  Saturday is an all day competition (it is actually two performances in one day)  Make sure you are rested and ready to perform at your highest both times.  Once again we are in a tough class!

3)  Drumline and Front Ensemble rehearsal on Monday from 3:30 to 4:45

4)  Everyone in the band needs to get their uniforms washed again before this weekend.   They need to be cleaned after performing in such warm weather this past weekend!

5)  We won't have time to listen to all the judges comments during class, so I will be playing the comments over the speaker in the Band room starting at 7:20 am the next few mornings.  If you can make to the Band Room in the mornings, this is a good chance to get more feedback from the judges this past weekend.

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