Monday, September 1, 2014

Announcements 9/1/14

1)  Afterschool rehearsals this Tuesday and Thursday, Home Game Friday.

2)  Booster meeting this Thursday.  We will be talking a lot about the Hornet Invitational and the jobs that need to be done.  Be there to make sure you get the job you want!

3)  A Head's up:  Next Tuesday's rehearsal is the Night Rehearsal from 6 to 8 pm. That means we will not have the regular 3:30 to 5:30 rehearsal that day. This night rehearsal has been on the schedule since March.  The main purpose of this rehearsal is to give parents the chance to learn the basics of how the props will operate on the field and how the pit crew works on the sideline.  If you have signed up for pit crew this year and still are not 100% sure what to do, make plans to be here as we will have experienced parents there to guide the process along.

4)  As we prepare for contests starting in 3 weeks, our food committee has worked hard to gather prices on food that we plan to feed the students at each of our 5 contests.  In year's past we have asked students to bring in a few dollars each week to pay for this food.  This year, the food committee is asking each student to pay a one-time $20 for the whole year.  This will give the students one meal and lots of snacks at each contest, including the pizza at State Competition.  (As a comparison, a hamburger and coke inside the stadium usually costs $5 at each contest.  For a total of $20 for five contests, this is actually a very good deal.)

5)  We are still accepting sponsors for Hornet Invitational Trophies and Program Ads.  Note that the two Grand Champion trophies already have sponsors, but we still have plenty of 1st-3rd place trophies available for businesses or individuals to sponsor.

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