Sunday, July 14, 2013

Band Camp: What to bring

1.  Sunscreen.  We will be outside a lot!  Please use plenty of sunscreen, and reapply it halfway through the morning.  Don't be stubborn and think you won't get sunburned!

2.  Water and Gatorade.  Water re hydrates, Gatorade replenishes electrolytes.  Bring your coolers. You can also have the small drinking coolers or bottles with you around your neck on the field while we are setting drill.  Please do not drink sodas, and absolutely stay away from "Energy drinks"!

3.  Your instrument and music.

4. Your lunch (2nd week only).  We will have lunch from 11:45 to 1, you will need to take care of your own lunch.  A light lunch is best (sandwiches, etc), fruit, candy is fine, and with plenty of fluids.  We will be spending the afternoons inside working on music, so you don't want to eat anything to heavy that will make you unnecessarily sleepy.  

Next time: What to wear.

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