Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Band Camp 3

Part 3: Misc. Tips
1.  Just be prepared for it to be hot and accept that.  There are many, many bands across West TN that are out in the heat just like you, working hard in the heat.
2.  I will have coolers available to use for whatever you need.  I can't guarantee that they will have ice in them, but if you have a frozen water bottle that you want to keep, or some fruit snacks to eat during a break, feel free to use them.
3.  If you want to bring a canopy to use for shade, feel free.  There is plenty of room to set some up. 
4.  Eat breakfast!  Fruit is best, greasy sausage and biscuit is worst.
5.  Put your name on everything.  Not because someone would steal it, but it might get lost in the hundreds of items that will be strewn about.
6.  Consider leaving your phones and other valuables at home or locked in a bag of some sort.  Phones are not allowed on the field!
7.  Be prepared to work hard when it's time to work, relax when it's time for a break, and have fun when it's time to play!
Go Band!

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