Sunday, July 21, 2013

Band Camp Days

I hope everyone is ready to start bright and early at 7 am at the practice field!  I am looking to continue the momentum that we successfully started last week.

The Leadership Team, in their desire to infuse a little fun and camaraderie into the full week of  Band Camp, have come up with fun theme for every day this week:

Bandanna Monday:  Everyone wear your favorite bandanna to rehearsal.  Any color, any design.
Tye-Dye Tuesday:  Wear your favorite Tye-Dye shirt to rehearsal.  If you don't own one, you can still buy one from the leaders for $5 (for cost of shirt and dye)
Water Wednesday:  Wear clothes you don't mind getting wet, because after the afternoon rehearsal, we will slip and slide, throw water balloon, and otherwise partake in water mayhem.
Game Night Thursday.  Immediately following the afternoon rehearsal at 4 pm, have your favorite card or board games ready to play in the cafeteria.  Approx. end time is 6 pm, but we can go until we stop having fun!
Pool Party Friday:  Everyone is invited to attend the Pool Party at the Walgren household starting at 6 pm to celebrate the end of Band Camp!  More details will be announced about food and other info.

Also, just a quick note from the director:  For the safety of your children, we will never be outside when the Heat Index is 103 or higher, nor when there is lightning within 6 miles of the area.  I have an app on my phone that both I and the football coaches use that was made specifically to tell us the information about heat and lightning.

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