Monday, July 15, 2013

Band Camp 2: What to wear

1.  Cool clothing.  Shorts.  White T-shirts are best to reflect the sun.  Shirts MUST HAVE SLEEVES.  If you burn really easily, you might want to think about long sleeve shirts.

2.  Tennis shoes with socks.  We will be doing lots of marching and other movement.  No sandals or flip flops.  These will give you blisters and will not get you the best marching posture.

3.  Something on your head.  Hats are good.  I usually wear an old T-shirt on my head to protect my head and neck.  You can also pour water on it to keep you cool.

4.  Miscellaneous:  Frog Toggs, camel packs for water, water bottles to wear around neck, iced bandannas, sunglasses,  little fans you wear around your neck...

Remember, your best friends are Sunscreen, Water, and Gaterade!  

Next time:  Miscellaneous tips to survive - and thrive - at Band Camp!

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