Sunday, August 7, 2016

Announcements 8/7/16

1)  Jamboree this Friday night.  Itinerary will be posted tomorrow (Monday).  Wear your Band T-shirts and Khaki bottoms.

2)  Afterschool Rehearsal Tuesday and Thursday.  Also, even though we may not go outside every day, be prepared to do just that.  Always have a change of clothes ready!

3)  Parents!  If you are interested in helping out by either helping sew a group a flags, stitch some clothes for the Front Ensemble uniform, or if you want to help build a couple of props for the field show or build a shelving system for new trailer, we will be meeting this Tuesday night at 6:30 pm in the Band Room.

4)  Shirt orders and money are due by this Friday.

5)  Memorization test this Wednesday over Movement I.

6)  Continue to get those Band fees in if you have not paid them.  We need to make some purchases for the field show with that money.

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