Monday, August 8, 2016

Jamboree Itinerary


Jamboree vs. Peabody

Friday, August 12, 2016 @ SGCHS


6:15 pm – Report to Band Room.  Front Ensemble will hook up trailers, Drumline will take stands to stadium.  Make sure you have your flip folders and lyres.

6:30 pm – Warm-up.  Run through National Anthem.

6:40 pm – March to the 4 arcs on the Football Field for National Anthem.  Take your lyres with you.  The Band Room will be locked.  Leave your cell phones either in the Band Room or with a parent.  Cell phones are not allowed in the stadium when you are with the band!  We will march onto the field after the cheer teams have completed their routines.

6:55 pm – Play National Anthem on the field.

7:00 pm – Varsity Game Begins.  Be ready to play pep music.  Remember during this time that you are still representing the band and the school.  Remain professional.

7:45 pm - Approximate halftime.  Peabody will perform first.  We will perform second.  After we perform, we will come back to the band room to put instruments up.


Approx. 8:30 pm – We will dismiss as a group when everything is put up.  You may go home or go watch the rest of the jamboree.



We will be wearing Band T-shirts, Khaki bottoms, tennis shoes, no hats.

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