Sunday, March 27, 2016

Disney Announcements

1)  Everyone should meet at the school at 5 am for our 6:00 departure time.  I will meet with the Chaperones at 5:05 in the Cafeteria to go over any last minute details.  Students will go in there at 5:20 to meet up with the chaperones and exchange phone numbers.  Remember that you will not need to stay with your chaperones all the time in the park, but you will need to find them whenever we get ready to leave a park.  Having phone number will help with this.

2)  We will pack our uniforms, instruments and luggage on the bus BEFORE we get on the buses.  Remember that you will not be able to get to your luggage until we get to Disney World, so take anything you might need with you in your Carry on bag.

3)  Pack for the following weather: mid-80s to 90, mostly cloudy everyday with a few chances of rain, 60 - 70% humidity.

4)  They usually keep the buses chilly, so bring something warm for the bus.  Pillows are good too.  Snacks are fine as long as you clean up your seat and throw everything in the trash.  Drinks need to have a top. 

5)  I recommend that you carry a copy of the itinerary with you or take a picture of it so that you have it available at all times.  

6)  Don't forget your long black socks, gloves, band shoes. 

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