Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Competition announcements

1)  Students will need to bring enough money for two meals on Saturday - lunch and supper.  With concession stand prices, I recommend $20 total.  We will have snacks available at our buses, but not the full meals needed to sustain the energy needed for two performances.

2)  Admission to to get in to watch the competitions is $10 for each competition, or $18 if you go ahead and purchase tickets for both at the same time.  You can purchase these at the gate.  Parents that have signed up for Pit Crew/Chaperone duty will not have to worry about this fee since you will be working with the band.

3) If anyone has any pavilion tents they would be willing to let us use, it is great for the students to have a shady spot to relax in between performances.  

4)  Parents that are working on Pit Crew - you need to wear all black for the performances.  I am fine with putting on black scrubs or loose jogging pants over what you will wear the rest of the day.  I just want us to be invisible on the sideline and behind the props so that we do not draw attention away from the band.  

5)  FYI: It might get a little chilly by Saturday night, so you may want to consider bringing jackets and pants for the evening.  

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