Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mid-Week Announcements

1) We need a driver for this Saturday's game to pull a trailer.  We will be loading the 4-wheelers that pull the Pit trailers.  We already have drivers to haul the big enclosed trailer, the box truck, and the Pit trailers.  We just need one more.  Just email me if you can do it.

2)  On Sponsors: I need the trailer sponsors by next Tuesday.  However, we can still accept program and trophy sponsors through the middle of September.  In fact, I can specifically take Trophy sponsors up until the October 18th event.  (First come, first serve on the trophy sponsors, though)

3)  A mistake on the calendar was pointed out to me this week.  I do not have rehearsals listed for September 2nd and 4th.  This is a mistake.  WE WILL have regular rehearsals on those dates.  

4)  T-shirts that were ordered are now available.  Make sure they are paid for before you pick them up.

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