Sunday, August 10, 2014

Announcements 8/10/14

1)  Booster meeting tomorrow (Monday) night at 6:30.  If you want to be informed of the ins and outs of this Band Program and learn how to be involved and participate, attend these meetings.  We want you to be there, if only to join in on the fun and corny jokes of a Booster meeting.

2)  Starting this week, we will have afterschool rehearsals EVERY Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30 until the end of October.  These are graded rehearsals and are very important because it is the only time that Percussion, Band, and Guard are all together at the same time from now on.

3)  I need all T-shirt orders by Wednesday.  They are $10 a piece.

4) I need all Smart Cards or money by Friday.  I need either the cards back, or the money.  We have to give the cards that we don't sell back to the company or they charge us for them.  

5)  Shoes orders will be this week.  We use the same marching shoes that were used at the middle school.  But if you have outgrown your old shoes or if they have gotten worn out, you need to get some new ones (or buy used ones from another band member).  New shoes will be $35 a pair.

6)  Report time for this Friday's jamboree is now 5:45 pm(it was originally 5:15).  Band T-shirts, Tennis shoes, Khaki shorts (do not wear shorts that are too short!).  No hats.  This is a graded performance just like Football games and Competitions.  

7)  The First memorization test will be this Wednesday over Movement I during class.

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