Sunday, August 24, 2014

Announcements 8/24/14

1)  Game this Friday is at Chester County.  Itinerary will be available Monday.  Dress is the same as the last game.  The Band did a great job this past Saturday, and I look forward to adding the second movement this Friday!

2)  Memorization test this Wednesday during class over Movement 2.

3)  Remember to bring a change of clothes and water to be prepared to outside every day when we can.

4)  Seniors - I will have the applications available this week for the Division II State competition scholarships.  They will be due by October 1st, so make sure you get going on that if you plan on applying.

5) Try to have trailer sponsors by this Tuesday.  Trophy and program sponsors will still be taken throughout all of September.

5)  Due to safety concerns, it is required that every student ride the bus to a performance and back to the school on the bus.  In the past, I have tried to work with exceptions (funerals, etc.) but it got out of hand this weekend with too many students not riding back on the bus with us, especially at the last minute.  It makes it too easy to leave a student behind, and too difficult for myself and the chaperones who are calling roll on the three buses to keep up with who is supposed to and not supposed to be on the bus.  I do not want to put us in a position where we accidentally leave a student behind. 

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