Sunday, August 17, 2014

Announcements 8/17/14

1)  Afterschool rehearsal rehearsal Tues and Thurs rain or shine.

2)  Football game on Saturday!  Nothing on Friday - enjoy your night off.  Itineraries for UTM Drumline Tuneup day and the Camden football game will be ready on Monday.

3)  Try to have the Sponsor forms turned in by the middle of next week.

4)  The Fall BBQ that was discussed at the last Booster meeting has been changed from September 13 to October 25.  We will start pre-selling tickets at the end of September.

5)  Continue turning in any fees (Band, shoe, T-shirt) that you owe.  Things need to be bought.  

6)  If anyone got a good recording of Friday's performance, we would love to watch it Monday during class. You can email it, send a DVD, or send a flash drive.

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