Friday, September 27, 2013

Saturday details

1) The food committee has asked that students who want to eat the lunch provided by the committee bring $5.00 to help pay for the food. This is cheaper than what you would pay for concessions in the stadium, but the students will also have the option to eat in the stadium for supper or any other time.
2) We will need to eat a snack as soon as we get there since we perform right at lunchtime, and will not get to eat lunch until around 3 pm. I am asking that Percussion and Guard bring water (a six pack of water is fine), Woodwinds bring a fruit (apples, bananas, oranges are good options), and Brass bring snack cakes (Little Debbies, etc). This will insure that all students get hydrated and something not too filling in their stomachs before we perform.
3) Parents who are going to be part of the pit crew (helping Front Ensemble, props, and Guard flags) are asked to wear their band T-shirts and jeans.
4) Students will need to wear their Band T-shirts underneath their uniforms. Also, a reminder that they will be changing out of their uniforms between performances so they need to bring a change of clothes (or they can wear light clothing under their uniform).
5) Our performances are at 12:25 and 8:25. Admission will be $10 for spectators. Pit crew members will get in for free.

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