Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Announcements 9/9/13

1. I put the wrong stadium name on the Itinerary for Friday night. The game is at UT Martin’s stadium, not Crockett County’s. (That’s what I get for trying to multi-task during inservice…)

2. The Grill-out sale ends this week, and all money and tickets need to be returned by Friday so that we can get the meat ordered for the grill out date on Sept. 14th.

3. I am assigning the Percussion and Guard to bring water for this Friday’s game. I will assign a different section every time we need water. This will make sure that we will have it for games and competition days.

4. Remember that there is a booster meeting on Thursday at 6:30. We will be discussing what is needed for the Grill out on Sept 14, logistics for the first competition on Sept 28, and other things.

5. A reminder that the last memorization test for the band is this Thursday over measures 237 – end. The last test (measures 201-237) was not easy, and a few more than normal received Incompletes on that test. They need to make it up in their own time.

6. The Gibson County contest schedule has already been posted, and we will be performing that day (Oct. 6) at 3:15 pm. Full Itinerary will come soon. I will post times of the other contests when I receive them.

7. You can also view last Friday’s field show as part of 101.5 full coverage of the football game. You will have to scroll through the game to get to our show. You can also view Chester County’s show as a part of this coverage. The link is http://www.citylinktv.com/archive/south-gibson-vs-chester-county-83013/

8. In case you forgot, the parents that are signed up for this Friday’s game are: Chaperones – Melissa M, Delynn W, Robin S, Pete S, Brenda G, Cheryl C, Anndrea D, Piper J, Vanessa K. Pit Crew – Roy M, Pete S, Greg G, Brenda G, Alan R. We are going to have 3 buses, and will need at least 2 parents per bus. Also, we have been needing 10 pit crew members that last couple of games, so if you can help out at halftime, it would be much appreciated!

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