Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mid-Week Announcements

1)  We are in need of some small to medium size grills for Saturday.  Propane is best.  The burgers have actually already been cooked and frozen, we will just need to warm them up and cook the hot dogs.  We will also need water for this Saturday.  We have plenty of everything else - chips, candy, plates, napkins, condiments.  I also have a place on Tiger Lane (beside the parking lot) reserved for us to cook and serve the food.  We should be able to fit the grills on the big trailer, but if not I may be asking someone to transport them if you are already driving down there.  We will be getting the food ready as soon as our performance is over.  It will be over at 5:45.  

2)  The Bandmasters competition will be live-streamed at You can find the competition schedule at   Last year, they also had an online vote of some sort for Favorite Band.  I will let you know about that as soon as I find out. 

3)  Make sure the students eat luch before they arrive on Saturday at 11:45.  There will not be a lot of time to eat in between our practice and loading up the buses.

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