Wednesday, October 14, 2015

More Announcements

1)  The performance this Friday is not optional - it is a performance.  We will be playing pep songs and cheering on the Football Team.  The only thing different is that we will not be performing at halftime.  We will still be wearing uniforms, with the exception of the Guard.  Guard need to wear khakis and Band shirt (Hoodie, Sweatshirt, or Long Sleeve is fine) and be ready to cheer, cheer, cheer.  

2) On Saturday, students need to report at 10 am in the band room for a quick meeting.  Parents need to report at 10:30 in the Band Room for a quick meeting.  Please do not park in the SGC Parking lot - we need all of it for buses and spectators.  Please park either at the Medina Park or at Mt. Zion Church.  We will have a trailer going back and forth that morning to transport people to the Band Room.  

3)  We need coolers.  Just like the tents and tables we still need - if you can bring one, make sure your name is on it!  

4)  Plan to wear your Band shirts so that spectators and bands will know who to ask when they have questions.  Wear warm clothes since it is supposed to be chilly.  

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