Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mid-week announcements

1)  We are watching the storms and rain this Saturday closely.  There are no changes to the schedule.  The chance for storms has dropped and we will see if that continues into Saturday.  If there are any changes to the schedule, I will let you know as soon as they are made. 

2)  Seniors will need to be on the Football Field at 6 pm in uniform with their parent/guardians.  

3)  This Friday, we will wear pink since we got rained out last time.  Band students will wear their pink hats.

4)  Also, this Friday night there will be a special 5th Quarter in the school Cafeteria just for the band!  Mt. Zion church will be graciously bringing food to feed the band to reward them for all their hard work this year.  This will happen immediately after the game and after we get out of uniforms.  Everyone in the band is invited.   

5)  Remember to bring your $6 if you want to take advantage of the pizza and chili on Saturday.

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