Sunday, August 30, 2015

Announcements 8/30/15

1)  We will have prop work days on Monday and Tuesday this week at 6:30 at the Band Room.  Thanks to those who have come out and worked!  If you haven't been there yet, we welcome you to join us at any time.  We are trying to get it done in the next 4 work nights.

2)  Booster meeting Thursday at 6:30 in the Band Room.  We will be discussing the Hornet Invitational among other things.

3) Decision Time.  If you are planning on the Disney Trip, your first deposit is due by Sept. 14.  Checks need to be made out to Thomas Tours and sent straight to them.  This first deposit must be paid with your money, not fundraising money!  Later, if your fundraising money exceeds what you need, you will get that money back in cash.  More info and Thomas Tours contact information can be found in the Band Room.

4)  We will wear uniforms for the first time this Friday!  The rules for uniforms will be expanded on this week.  The bottom line will be that (1)we must all look the same (Uniform) and (2) we must take care of our uniforms.  Be prepared to follow the expectations of wearing the uniform, because there are very good reasons for everything that is asked.

5)  Home game vs. JCM this Friday.  Report time will be 6 pm in the Band Room.  Parents, I will need a few volunteers to help with minor adjustments to uniforms from 6 to 7.  Game time is at 7:30 pm.

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