Sunday, January 5, 2014

Announcements 1/5

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their break, including the bonus day tomorrow (Monday)!  I am looking forward to this semester - we have another great Ensemble concert planned, I am excited about our two Concert Festival pieces, and there are just so many other things to look forward to this Spring.

1)  We will be working this concessions at the Basketball game this Tuesday!  It was originally planned for this Thursday, but had to be changed.  There isn't that much to the Basketball game concessions, they are actually pretty easy.  I need 5 or 6 parents who can help do this.  If you can be there at 5 or even a little after that, let me know.

2)  That also means we need to reschedule our Booster meeting.  It can't be this Thursday because of the school board meeting, so it will need to be next Thursday, Jan. 16 at 6:30.

3)  If you are trying out for All-West this Saturday in Jackson, you can go to, click on  the What's New tab, and find your audition times.

4) Be ready to bring your instruments on Tuesday, as we will need to begin the process of choosing ensembles for the concert, and the process of Spring semester Chair Auditions. 

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