Monday, January 20, 2014

Announcements 1/20/14

1)  We had originally planned our Beauty Pageant for March 15, but that date was already taken on the school calendar.  We will have to move it to March 1.  

2)  The Butter Braid sale will be Feb.5 - Feb 19.  I need everyone involved, including Guard and those who were unable to be in class this semester.

3)  We voted at the last booster mtg to host a Band competition this first Saturday of October.  Everyone will need to be prepared to help with this, including all parents and students.  It is a big undertaking, but one that could benefit us greatly financially if we do it right.

4)  For UTM Honor Band recipients, I need your $45 registration fee if you have not paid it.  We will be leaving at approximately 9:30 am this Thursday (after 1st block) and will eat lunch on the way. The best thing to do with you luggage is to bring it into my office that morning before school starts.  Also, if you haven't printed off your music for UTM Honor Band, get that done in the next couple of days.

5)  Remember that Jazz Band is meeting every Tuesday until 4:30.  We are planning on playing at the Beauty Pageant on March 1.  More info about that tomorrow.

6)  Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.  We will be working hard on the ensemble music these next two weeks, so be prepared to get as much done as you can.  We will need to start looking at Concert Festival music the first of February.

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