Friday, August 23, 2013

Forgotten Detail

There is one thing that I forgot to ask for about tonight's game. We have pom-poms and water bottle lanyards left over from last year to sell. Beth Lit had reminded me before of this, and I thank her for that. I just let it slip my mind again!
Could I get 4 people to sell these items tonight? I will have two tables set up with two people at each table, and there will be a money box/bag at each table. Each table will be selling both items. Since the game starts at 7:30, we need to be set up by 6:30. We will pack up the tables in the middle of the 1st quarter when sales slow.
I really appreciate it. I will have a list of a few jobs available for the pit crew tonight, but otherwise, I need the rest of the parents to be official Band Cheerleaders. Your job is to stand and shout, clap, and cheer when we enter the field and when we hit the big push during the show. Thanks!

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