Monday, August 26, 2013

Announcements 8/26/13

1)  We started the Fall Grill Out fundraiser today (formerly known as the Fall BBQ).  We will have the same menu: Chicken Halves - $6, Full Rack of Ribs - $20, Pork Tenderloin - $20.  50% of the profit will goes towards the student's trip.  I need tickets and money in by next Friday, September 6 so that we can get the meet ordered for the pickup that next Saturday the 14th.

2)  This Friday's itinerary is exactly the same as last Friday's.  6 pm report time and wear Band T-shirts and Khaki bottoms.

3)  Remember that next Tuesday's rehearsal is a 6-8 pm rehearsal.  Unlike the last one, this rehearsal was on the original calendar from May.  There is no school next Tuesday for students, so I scheduled this one as a night rehearsal.

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