Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 26 meeting info

For the meeting next Monday at 6:30, the students need to bring (if they haven't already turned in):
1. Medical Form (notarized, or if not, we will have a Notary there)
2. Release Form (the paper that says they read the rules and regulations. The student and a parent of the student have to sign this one. Chaperones do not get this form.)
3. Picture of themselves (we will have a camera there to take their picture if they don't have one).

Chaperones need to bring the Medical form.

I am pairing up a lot of the chaperones since we have so many on this trip (believe me, this is very good!). For each pairing of chaperones, there will be between 3-6 students. At the meeting, for each pairing chaperones, I plan on having a folder with the following included:
1. Copy of the Itinerary
2. Cell phone number list
3. Chaperone Responsibilities paper
4. Rules and Regulations paper
5. Room List
6. A copy of the Medical form (with attached picture) of the student(s) they are chaperoning. I will keep the original Medical Forms in another folder. *This will be added to the folders later.
7. I will add the bus list later.

Chaperones will also sign up for a seat on the bus. I only ask that you try to spread out over the buses - not everyone on the front, please. This will help us keep a good eye on all the students.

See you Monday at 6:30!

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