Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9/7 Announcements

1) We are wearing uniforms this weekend. I will need all students to wear the Band T-shirt underneath, and they need to make sure they are wearing Black Socks. Also remind them that during the 3rd quarter they are only allowed to eat food with no condiments and only drink water or Sprite/Sierra Mist. This keeps stains off of the uniforms.

2) I will need a couple of parents to get here a few minutes earlier (5:15 pm )on Friday to help pass out and inspect uniforms. I had a couple of parents do this last year, and if you want to do it again, just let me know since you know the procedure already.

3) Remember if you signed up as a chaperone or pit crew member for this Friday's game. If you can't remember, I will tell you, or if you do want to be a chaperone, let me know.

4) New York trip deposits are due tomorrow. If you have forgotten, it is ok if they are a couple of days late. I will send in the fundraising money from the Butter Braids last year. If you are not sure how much your student has in their account from that fundraiser, I can let you know.

5) I need the BBQ money in by this Friday. Also, I will need a lot of coolers by next week so that we can store the chicken and ribs in ice after we buy them.

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