Tuesday, August 30, 2011


1) Booster meeting this Thursday, September 1 at 6:30. I will have sign up sheets for chaperones and pit crew help for all the games and contests. We will need lots of help moving props and equipment as we add more songs to the performance. We will also be talking about different fundraisers in the coming months.

2) All West music is available for students who want to get a head start. The recordings are now also on the website.

3) Try to sell as many chicken halves and ribs by Friday, September 9. We will need to start getting the tickets turned in by then to get a count on how much we need to cook.

4) Report time this Friday will be 6:30 pm. Due to the high heat and other factors, we will not be wearing uniforms yet. We will definitely be wearing them for the Milan game, though.

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