Monday, September 20, 2010

Sept 20 Itinerary

Football Game vs. Peabody Monday, September 20, 2010 @ Medina Park

4:30 pm Guard report to school, start putting on make-up and uniforms.

5:00 pm Band report to school. Load equipment on truck, and then start putting on uniforms after this is done. Remember the procedure for getting uniforms from the uniform room.

5:35 pm Depart SGCHS, when we arrive at Medina Park, unload truck and go to warm-up area.
6:00 pm Warm-up. At 6:20 we will line-up on sideline to walk out to play National Anthem.
6:30 pm Game Begins. You will get the 3rd quarter off to eat, drink and visit friends and family. You may take the jacket off and leave it folded neatly on the bleacher. Water only, burgers or hot dogs with no pickles or condiments. Remember during this time that you are still representing the band and the school. Remain professional.
9:00 pm Approximate end of game. When we arrive at the school, you will put your instrument back in the cubbie, go to the uniform door, tell the adult your name, fold your uniform neatly back on the hangers, then bring it back to the uniform door for inspection by an adult. If it is not folded correctly, you will be asked to refold it before it will be put back in the uniform room.

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