Friday, September 17, 2010

Sept 18 Itinerary

(sorry for the delay! I thought I had posted this earlier this week...)

Itinerary for Gibson County Contest
Saturday, September 18th, 2010

3:00 pm Guard report to school, begin putting on make-up.
3:45 pm Band report to band room. Load the equipment truck. Get uniform bag and hat box. Do not put on uniforms yet. We will carry them on the bus with us. The plume box will travel on the equipment bus and they will be handed out when we start putting on uniforms.

Make sure you are wearing shorts and the Band T-shirt so that you can put on the uniform over the clothing you have on. You will already have your band shoes on with your black socks. Leaders will do a check to see if everyone has the correct clothing on. Nick Wallace will have a checklist to make sure all equipment is loaded on the truck.
4:15 pm Depart SGCHS. You will have your uniform and hat box in your seat with you.
5:00 pm Arrive at GCHS. Leave the uniforms on the bus. We will walk into the stadium together and watch a few bands perform. We will sit together in the stands on the visitor’s side so that we all know when it is time to leave. During this time, you can eat your supper from the concession stand. Do not walk anywhere alone! You must have at least one person with you at all times when you travel. If a chaperone sees you traveling alone, you will be assigned to that chaperone the rest of the time we are in the stadium. Come back and sit with the band when you have your food.
6:20 pm After the performance of Ripley High School (or if the contest is running late, we will leave at 6:20 regardless), we will leave the stands together.
6:30 pm Put on uniforms. Ladies will dress first on the bus while the men unload the truck. After you get dressed, get your instrument out, close the case and place it beside the truck so that it can be loaded back on the truck while we perform.
7:00 pm Line-up. Plumes will be issued.
7:10 pm Travel to Warm-up area.
7:15 pm Warm- up.
7:45 pm Travel to Stadium. Keep your chin up and shoulders back the entire time. Look proud!
8:00 pm Perform
8:20 pm Arrive back at bus. Leadership Team will remain in uniform to accept awards during the award ceremony. Everyone else, give your plumes to the person in charge of plumes and change out of uniforms. Men will change first while ladies put instruments back in cases. Ladies will change while men load the equipment truck.
9:00 pm Go back into stadium together to watch the remaining bands. We will sit together again on the visitor’s side. If you go get a snack from the concession stand, be back by 10:00 for the awards.
10:00 pm Award Ceremony. We will clap and support everyone as the awards are handed out. There will be absolutely no booing or loud negative responses.
10:30 pm Load bus, go home
11:15 pm Arrive at SGCHS. Everyone will help unload after the uniforms have been put up correctly.
11:40 pm After everything is put up correctly, the band will be dismissed to go home.

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