Sunday, September 18, 2016

Announcements 9/18/16

1)  Our first contest day is this Saturday.  A full itinerary will be posted Monday.  Report time will be 8 am at the practice field ready to do a run-through.  You will be changing in and out of your uniform during the day, so bring clothes to wear when you are not in uniform.  Also bring money for two meals (with concession prices, that is usually around $10 per meal.)  We will be staying at Liberty all day Saturday performing, resting, and watching other bands - a great day to immerse yourself in the Marching Band world!

2)  Design team will meet Tuesday night at 6:30.  We need to finish up some small projects with the props to make sure it is ready for Saturday.  The props and uniforms looked and operated great Friday night!

3)  Parents who are working with the pit crew this Saturday, plan to bring all black clothes to wear during the performances.  Also bring clothes to change into after the performances.  A reminder that if you are not working as a chaperone or as a pit crew member, you will have to pay to get into these competitions.  I will let you know the prices later this week.

4)  We are in need of water again this week.  If you can bring some water to help keep the students hydrated during the week and at the competition, please bring them into the band room at any time.

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