Monday, September 12, 2016

McNairy Game Itinerary

I just learned today that the start time for the game has been moved to 7 pm.  We will leave as close to 5:15 as we can, but I know some parents who help carry equipment and trailers may not be able to get there at that exact time.  We will do our best and I will work with those who might need a few more minutes to get here from work.

Away Football Game vs. McNairy
Friday, September 16, 2016
4:30 pm – Report to Band Room, put on uniforms.   Use the restroom before we leave.
5:00 pm – Load up on to your assigned bus.  Chaperones will call roll.
5:15 pm – Depart SGCHS.
6:45 pm – Arrive at McNairy’s Stadium.  Chaperones, leaders and Percussion will get off the bus first to unload the trailer and box truck.  Get your instrument case, and line up.  We will march in with cases and unpack when we get to the stands. 
7:00 pm - Game Begins.  Pay attention to the game, cheer for the team, act in a professional manner.  Be ready to play pep songs at any time.  NO CELL PHONES!  During the 3rd quarter, you will be able to get concessions.  Only water, hamburgers or hot dogs with no condiments, and nachos with no cheese.
9:45 pm - Approximate end of game.  Line up and march back to buses.  Take your instruments to the truck to be loaded and then load the buses.
10:30 pm - After all equipment is loaded and students are on their assigned bus, we will depart.
12 midnight – Arrive at SGCHS.  After instruments and uniforms are put up properly, you will be dismissed as a group.

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