Sunday, November 1, 2015

Announcements 11/1/15

1)  Make sure you get your $10 in for the charter bus to state.  We still have plenty of seats available to family members who want to travel with us.

2)  Our Annual Fruit sale will begin this week.  50% of profits will go toward individual Disney accounts.  Even if you are not going on the trip, we need you to sell fruit for the Band Account.  We are looking at getting a new trailer for next year to help with carrying our growing amounts of equipment.  

3)  We will also be starting an optional Yankee Candle fundraiser this week.  100% of profits will go toward individual Disney accounts.  You will have 2 weeks to sell for each fundraiser.

4)  Booster meeting this Thursday night at 6:30.  We will be discussing Breakfast with Santa, the pros and cons of either a new trailer or a semi-truck for carrying equipment, and many other things.

5)  Mr. Laster has graciously agreed to let us use his semi for this State competition this weekend.  Plan to stay a little later this Thursday after practice in order to load all of the props and other equipment on the Semi.  If staying a little later on Thursday doesn't sound good to you, then we can move to plan B which is to load the semi Friday night...

6)  I just wanted to say again how proud I was of the band this past weekend!  Through last second schedule changes, to performing in a downpour, to loading up the trailers in the same downpour, these students stayed professional and did their job without complaint.  And did it well!  I was already proud of them when it was announced that they got 2nd overall, and it was just icing on the cake when we found out that they had actually won the Grand Champion award! 

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