Sunday, July 19, 2015

Announcements 7/19/15

1)  Please pay your band fees and DCI fees that are due this week.  It is important for the band to be able to pay our bills in a timely manner, such as paying the staff this week.
2)  We will begin each day this week at 7 AM on the practice field.  You will need your instrument, your coordinate cards, whatever you need to stay cool and hydrated.
3)  Please bring snacks to put into the snack tub so that we have them there for emergencies not just during band camp but as school starts, also.
4)  Lunch this week starts at 11:45 every day and is on your own.  You have the option bringing your food and eating in the cafeteria or going off campus to get your food.  Just be in your sectional area inside ready to play at 1:15!
5)  For the people going on the DCI trip this Friday, I am planning on meeting at the school at 2:00 in the afternoon and pulling out by 2:15.  We are going to be stopping at exit 172 to eat an early supper.    You will need to bring money for this if you plan on eating there.
6)  This week, I will have a sign-up sheet for Band T-shirt orders.  These are for band members, friends, and family.  Prices will be:  Short sleeve shirt - $10, Long sleeve T-shirt - $13, Sweatshirt - $15, Hoodie - $20.  They will all be the same color and have the same design as the current band T-shirt.
7)  Remember that Monday is 'Murica Monday at Band Camp!

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