Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Itinerary for St. Louis contest

Itinerary for St. Louis Contest

Francis Howell Central Coliseum Classic

Saturday, October 19, 2013

7:30 am Wake up time. Eat breakfast, and put on your long black socks and Band T-shirt. We will put on uniforms when we get to the school. Make sure that you bring everything that you will need throughout the day (medicine, sunglasses, sunblock, hats, change of shoes/socks, etc). Guard will need to wear their uniforms because unfortunately there will not be changing facilities at the School.

9:10 am Load the buses. Chaperones will call roll.

9:30 am Depart the Hotel.

10:30 am Arrive at Francis Howell Central High School. You will get money from Thomas Tours to eat lunch and dinner. After the equipment has been unloaded from the equipment trailers, take this time to eat lunch.

12:15 pm Start putting uniforms on.

12:45 pm Line-up, receive plumes and travel to warm-up.

12:55 pm Warm- up.

1:25 pm Travel to Stadium.

1:45 pm Perform. Keep your chin up and shoulders back the entire time. Look proud!

2:00 pm Arrive back at bus, put instruments in cases. You can either go back inside to watch the final bands or go ahead and change out of uniforms. Field Commanders will accept trophies, and need to be in the southwest corner of the endzone by 3:15. (According to the info I received from this contest, this is what this particular contest specifies: just Field Commanders accepting awards) Everyone must be back inside the stadium by 3:15.

3:30 pm Award Ceremony. We will clap and support everyone as the awards are handed out. There will be absolutely no booing or loud negative responses.

* An itinerary for the night portion will be given at the buses immediately following the awards (just like the GC contest). Use the time between contests to eat supper.

5:30 pm Evening contest begins.

8:15 pm Field commanders report to the southwest corner of the field for awards

8:30 pm Round 2 awards

9:30 pm After awards we will load instruments and props, and clean up the area around our bus. After all this is done, we will load the buses and go back to the hotel.

11:00 pm Arrive at Hotel.

12:00 am Lights out and room check.

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