Monday, June 11, 2012

June 13 Rehearsal - and Fees

Here is a reminder that our next Rehearsal will be Wednesday, June 13. The Band will rehearse from 8-11 am, and the Percussion and Guard will rehearse from 1-4 pm. Our first rehearsal went great, and I can't wait to see some of the new faces that couldn't make it to that first one!
Let me also remind you of the Marching Band fees. For Band members, the fee is $150; for all Percussion members, the fee is $175 (extra is for the sticks, mallets, and drumheads I have to buy), and for all Guard, the fee is $200 (extra is for the uniform and flags I will have to buy.
The fees help me pay the staff that I will bring in to help the students during band camp, to buy the field paint that I will need to paint the lines on the practice field, to buy the T-Shirts that all students will get, and to start buying materials for props and such for the field show.
The fee does not include reeds, gloves, or marching shoes. For incoming freshmen, we use the same marching shoes you had in middle school, so if you want to use the ones you had in 8th grades, that is fine. If anyone needs new shoes (lost or outgrew yours), I will be sizing you and ordering some at the beginning of August.
If you can start paying these fees now, that would be great, so that I can have the money ready to buy the field paint (it is not cheap!) Also, if you need to pay a little now, and a little later, that is also fine. I am asking that you have the full payment in by the end of Band Camp, so that all of the band's bills can be paid in a timely manner.
Thank you, and enjoy your summer!

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