Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Sorry for the late notice, but this one snuck up on me. We have a Band Booster Meeting tonight at 6:30 pm. Normally, this meeting is on the first Thursday of the month, but at the last meeting we decided to change it to Tuesday since we have the football game on Thursday.

1) The report time for Thursday's game is 2:30 for guard, and 3:30 for Band/Percussion. We will depart at 4:15 so that we can get there in time to practice with GC's band. We will be performing the National Anthem as a combined band before the game that night. I understand that this will make it difficult for some of you to ride to the game with us. Get there when you can, because we really don't have to start setting up the front ensemble and props until around 6 or even 6:30.

2) The report time for next Saturday's Trenton contest (October 15) is 8:45 am for Guard and 9:45 am for Band. We perform at 12:45, and the Awards ceremony will be at 3:15 pm.

3) We will be working the concessions again for the Haywood county game. We will need to have the concessions started by 5:30. We will need to have around 8 signed up. I want to have 8 parents signed up per half so everyone can watch part of the game. Please, if you have been unable to help up until now, use this opportunity to help out so that some of the other parents that worked the other game can watch this game. We will have no responsibilities at the last game against Crockett Co. We will also need a couple of parents to sell the pom-poms at the beginning of the game.

4) I have yet to receive our performance time for the Huntingdon contest, but it should be an evening contest. We will not have a competition on the weekend of the 29th. Prepare for the state competition on Nov. 5th to be an all day event. I think the kids are doing great! We got those trophies on Saturday, and when I looked at our overall score, we were 8th out of 20 bands in the small division. But what I am most proud of is the fact that they have handled their freedom at the events well and have been making friends with members of other bands!

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