Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Announcements 10/11

1) Report time for Friday is 4:30 for Guard, 5:30 pm for Band. The Homecoming activities start at 6:30 on the football field.
2) I need some more people signed up for concessions on Friday night. We need 8 people for the 1st half and 8 people for the 2nd half. I will send out a more detailed email that will include what half you are working so that you can plan accordingly. The concessions need to get started by 5:30.
3) I also need 4 people to sell the Pom-Poms and Lanyards at the gates.
4) We will be using friends/siblings for props Friday night, not parents. However, I will need parents again to do the props at the contest Saturday.
5) Report time for Saturday is 8:30 am for Guard, 9:45 am for Band.
6) We will start the Fruit sale this Thursday, Oct. 13. They will have until Oct. 31 to sell it.

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