Sunday, July 27, 2014

Band Camp announcements

1)  7 AM in the BAND ROOM.  In your seat, no instruments.  We will have announcements, then introduce the 2014 Camp Staff, then go outside.

2)  Lunch is on your own from 11:45 to 1 pm. You can either bring your lunch and eat in the cafeteria or go somewhere off campus and eat.   Be in your assigned room with your instrument and music ready to play at 1 pm.  On Monday, you will need to bring a chair and stand to the room with you, then they can stay in there the rest of the week.

3)  Water/Gatorade, Coordinate cards, T-shirts (must have sleeves), shorts, shoes fit for marching (no flip flops), sunscreen, music, instrument.

4)  If you have not finished paying your Marching Band fees, you need to either finish paying them or at least pay the second payment this week.  I need to be able to pay the staff this week!  I can only do this if every pays at least that 1st and 2nd payment on the schedule.

5)  We will be starting our first fundraiser tomorrow.  Smart Cards!  I will send more info out tomorrow in a message specifically about this fundraiser.  

6)  Tomorrow's fun theme is Bandanna day.  Wear any kind of Bandanna you want.  

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