Sunday, May 18, 2014

Announcements 5/18/14

1)  We will continue to look at next year's Field Show during class this week.  It is never too early to start memorizing, by the way...

2)  Everyone needs to get four things from the Band room if they haven't yet: a) schedule for the summer/fall, b) the new Parent info sheet, c) student info sheet that I just put out there this past week, and d) the marching band fees payment info sheet.  These things were passed out at the big April meeting, but if you were unable to make it to that meeting, make sure I get the student and parent info sheet before school lets out this week.

3)  It is never to early to pay part or all of the Marching Band fees.  I am already making purchases towards next year's show, with many more that need to be made before Band Camp starts.

4)  Later this week, I will getting more info out about the DCI show in Murfreesboro that we are going to be looking at going to at the end of July.  We will get a group rate on tickets, but we will need to include the cost of buses to take there also.  

5)  The next two dates you need to know are June 11, the first summer rehearsal, and June 12, the next Booster meeting at 6:30.  We decided at the last meeting to go ahead and do meetings during the two summer months to stay on top of the logistics of the competition and the Field Show.

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