Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Booster Mtg and Friday night

1)  I am going to push back the Booster meeting to 7:30 on Thursday.  The middle school is having their annual chili supper from 5:30-7:30, and I know a number of you will be helping out with that.  So everyone go eat your chili and then walk on up to the Band room for the booster meeting!

2)  I am asking the band for volunteers to attend the playoff game this Friday night.  I am not making it mandatory, but if I could have 43 students sign up to go, we can take one bus and go support the team.  I had about half that go ahead and sign up today, and the rest needed to double check schedules.  I need that number finalized by tomorrow.  We would leave at 4:45 on Friday, and get back around 11:45.  We would only play pep music, and they would need to wear Band T-shirt and Khakis (like we wore at the beginning of the year) with warm clothing underneath.

3)  I am also asking for volunteers to play at the Food Giant grand opening this Sunday at 1 pm.  Again, they would wear Band T-shirts and Khakis, and would meet at Food Giant by 12:45.  I will have the instruments there.  I don't know why they chose this day and time to have the grand opening, but if you can make it, it would be a great opportunity to play for the community.

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