Monday, June 10, 2013

Announcements 6/10/13

1.  A reminder of the 2nd summer rehearsal in June, this Wednesday, June 12.  Same times as last week (8-11 for Band, 1-4 for percussion and guard)  Be prepared to go outside for at least half the rehearsal.  Have your music and instrument!

2.  A CHANGE TO THE JUNE 19 REHEARSAL TIME.  FULL BAND, PERCUSSION AND GUARD FROM 1:30 - 4:30 PM.  The Leaders have been given an excellent opportunity to attend a leadership conference in Crockett County that morning with leadership teams from across West TN, so we will be pushing all rehearsal times to the same time.  

3.  This from Mr. Inman for any musicians that are in FFA:  I'm not sure if you have any members of the band or chorus that are FFA members and would be interested in this, but National FFA is accepting applications for the National FFA Band and Chorus which will perform at National FFA Convention in Louisville.  There will be over 50,000 individuals in attendance at this event.  

This is an amazing opportunity for an individual to participate in.  Just passing it along in case you had any that might qualify.  The applications are due July 1, and the website is listed below.  

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