Monday, March 18, 2013

Concert Festival Itinerary

Friday, March 22, 2013
10:30 am You will be called out of class and report to the band room. Load large instruments on bus. Make sure you are dressed in Concert attire, have your instrument AND your music folder! Concert attire consists of button up shirt, khakis, and dress shoes. Ladies if you wear a dress, make sure that it is conservative dress, with no low-cut tops or short skirts. NO TENNIS SHOES!
10:45 am Load bus, depart SGCHS.
11:15 am Arrive at Sparky’s Pizza, where you will pay for and eat your lunch. $7 for buffet.
12:15 pm Load bus and depart for Liberty HS
12:25 pm Arrive at Liberty HS. Get instruments off the bus, leave ALL cases on bus. Stretch and do some breathing exercises while we wait to go into the warm-up room.
12:50 pm Go to warm-up room.
12:55 pm Warm-up. Blue Book, Tipps, Songs, Final Breathing exercises. Percussion, you will be ready to go onto the stage first to start setting up when we get permission.
1:15 pm Move to stage. Stay in your rows and move to the stage in an organized manner.
1:20 pm Perform for judges. Emblem of Freedom and then Abram’s Pursuit. Parents are welcome to sit in the audience and watch.
1:40 pm Move to Sight-reading room.
2:05 pm Load all instruments on bus and head back to school.
2:35 pm Arrive SGCHS, unload bus. Put all instruments in their proper place.

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