Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Band Camp!!!

It is finally here. I know everyone has been looking forward to this moment all summer... Band Camp!!!
Band Camp is the time that we get a head start on the year. We learn marching fundamentals, start learning the drill and movement for the field show, start memorizing the music, start making friends, and start working toward goals together. We spend time learning the show in the blazing heat now so that we can perform in the freezing cold later on. We work to get rid of that "bathing suit" tan line with the more fashionable "T-shirt and shorts" tan line.
Such is Band Camp.
Here are a few tips for the freshman and some reminders for those who have done this before:
1. Get lots of sleep at night.
2. Eat a healthy breakfast in the mornings.
3. Wear light colored clothing. T-shirts,shorts, something on your head, and tennis shoes. No flip flops (these are not fit for marching), no short shorts, and ladies please be conservative in your dress.
4. Bring lots of cold water/gatorade. It is a good idea to have personal coolers and bottles with you outside to keep hydrated. (Put your name on everything)
5. Make sure you bring something for lunch the full week of band camp.
6. Cell phones, purses, and other valuables need to stay in the band room in a locked practice room. No cell phones on the practice field.
7. Use sunscreen!
8. Be on time. We start every day at 8:00 am, which means you need to get here a little early to get all your stuff in the right place before we start.
9. Bring a pencil every day to use during music sectionals.
10. Last but not least, bring your music and instruments. Yeah, you might need that!

I am looking forward to this year with an exciting field show, a great leadership team, and another great group of freshmen! See you Wednesday at 8 am in the Band room.

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