Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hello, All!

Band Camp has been hot so far, but the students have been working hard. The students who are here are working so efficiently! We already have the 1st two songs on the field. That is awesome! The next 3 days will bring the heat indexes up, so we will probably be spending some more time inside working - when the heat index goes over 100, we go inside. And, since we have gotten so much done in 2 days, it's really no big deal to spend a little more time inside than was originally intended.

1) Please pay the band camp fees if you can this week! I have staff that needs to be paid, field paint that needs to be bought, and T-shirts that need to be paid for (among many other things to come)

2) There will be an exhibition this Friday for Family/Friends at 6 pm. It will be at school - either on the practice field or in the Cafeteria, depending on the weather. This is free, so invite your family and friends to come hear and see as much of the show as we can get done this week. It will last about 15-20 minutes.

3) I had scheduled Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals the next two weeks from 4-6 pm. Due to the heat, I am rescheduling those to 6-8 pm. Those dates are July 26, July 28, August 2, and August 4th. When school starts, rehearsals will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 - 5:15 after school.

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