Monday, November 15, 2010

Fruit Fundraiser

We kicked off the Fruit Fundraiser during class today. Everyone student should have at least one order form and a goal in mind. I am asking that each student try to sell $265 worth of fruit. It is important that we do well on this fundraiser as most, if not all, of the money will be going toward purchasing a large enclosed trailer to transport equipment to games, competitions, parades, etc. To help motivate the students, I am initiating 2 competitions for this fundraiser:

1) An individual competition - 1st place individual sales (dollar amount) gets $30 cash. 2nd place gets $20, and 3rd place gets $10.
2) A team competition - the Band is split into 5 teams of 9 members. The team that sells the most dollar amount of fruit gets a pizza party.

Here is the price list in case you need to double check:
Large Grapefruit $25
Small Grapefuit $17
Large Navels $25
Small Navels $18
Large Tangelos $25
Small Tangelos $16
Large Juice Oranges $25
Small Juice Oranges $16
Mixed Box $22
Navel-Red-Apple Trio $25
Pears-Navel-Apple Trio $27
Large Apples $50
Small Apples $35
Gift Box $24
Holiday Pack $38
Pears-Navel-Apple Trio $38
Bag Grapefruit $12
Bag Navels $12

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