Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Golf Scramble

I need people to help the following areas Saturday:

2 people (parents or students) to put the names of the players on the Carts.
2 more people (parents or students) at the registration table to sign people in and hand out goody bags
1 person to bring a small grill (I think it will be easier to grill burgers and hot dogs than for yall to bring sandwiches.)
1 scorecard keeper (to take up the scorecards when the teams finish)
1 official scorecard writer (to write the scores on the big poster board for everyone to see)

I still need a lot of water, cokes, ice, gaterade, and snacks for the golfers during the round.
Lunch = Burgers and hot dogs, chips, buns, and some kind of snack cake for dessert, and drinks (water, gaterade, cokes). (enough for about 30 people)

I will not set up snack tents, we will just have someone drive a cart around with the snacks and ask the players if they want a drink or snack.

I have decided not to do anything Friday night. It will not take us that long to do it Saturday morning. But we will need to get there around 6 30 am. There are two main times I need a lot of people: from 6:30 to 8:30 for set-up and registration, and from 12:00 -2:00 for lunch and take-down.

6:30 am - set out sponsor signs, set up registration table and pavilion, stack snack cart
7:00 am - Registration begins, hand out goody bags as players register. Most players will pay at this time, so we will need Mrs. Reams with the receipt book (Thank you!)
7:55 am - send players to their first assigned tee. I will have these assignments ready by Saturday.
8:00 am - Tournament starts. We will need a snack carts constantly driving the snacks and drinks around. We can do this in shifts if we need to. From now until the end (approx 12:00 to 12:30), you can leave and come back if you choose. We just need people to keep the snack cart full.
12:00 - start grilling the burgers and hot dogs
12:30 - everyone should be finished, we will serve lunch (we can also have someone on a cart taking down the sponsor signs)
1:00 - give out the 1st and 2nd place prizes and door prizes
1:30 - clean-up and take down.

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