Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Strawberry Festival Itinerary

Strawberry Festival Parade
Friday, May 7, 2010

7:45 am Report to SGCHS Band Room. Load equipment on bus. Put on uniform pants, long black socks, and shoes (make sure your shoes have your name on them). Wear shorts and T-shirt underneath. Put uniform jacket and gauntlets on a hanger to put on bus with your hatbox. No jewelry is allowed when the uniform is on, and all hair must be pulled up off the collar.

8:15 am Depart South Gibson County High School.

8:45 am Arrive at Bailey Park. Students will get instruments off the bus, then get fully dressed, then put the cases back on the bus. Chaperones will be there to help you get dressed and to make sure everything gets put back on the bus.

9:15 am Line-up in Parade set and warm-up.

9:30 am Parade begins. We are the 7th band in the parade. Be focused on representing the band and SGCHS with professionalism.

10:45 am End of parade for us. Students will put instruments back in cases, put full uniform on the hangers, and then load the instruments on the bus. Parents will inspect the uniforms to make sure they are on the hangers correctly. After everything is taken care of satisfactorily, you will be dismissed to enjoy the parade and eat lunch. Make sure you bring spending money. If you will be leaving with a parent I will need a signed note by that parent. While you are enjoying the rest of the parade, remember that you are still ambassadors of SGCHS and the band!

1:45 pm Report back to bus and depart Humboldt.

2:15 pm Arrive at SGCHS Band room. Take the uniforms back to the storage room, then unload the instruments off the bus.

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